The European Researchers’ Night is a mega event that takes place every year simultaneously in many cities all over Europe and beyond. The key objective of the event is to motivate and inspire the youth to enjoy, understand and pursue science and technology by connecting them with outstanding scientists and innovations. (more…)

The European Conference on Educational Robotics has been a great success for the fifth consecutive year. Over 220 participants. presented their robots, projects and experiences between 11. April – 15. April 2016 in Vienna. (more…)

PRIA organized the 7th International Conference on Robotics in Education (RiE). The focus of RIE2016 was on the presentation and discussion of the latest results and methods in the fields of research and development in Educational Robotics. (more…)

PRIA started the Junior Journal of Science and Technology (ISSN 2518-0282), an online, peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to motivate and inspire youth to enjoy and pursue science and technology. (more…)

Last weekend the final European Botball workshop was held at the Antwerp International School (AIS).  The participants tinkered and programmed with a lot of fun and motivation and furthermore build the foundations to participate at this year’s ECER.


Trough the EU project ER4STEM Botball is spreading more and more in Europe – for example  towards our project partner in Bulgaria, which for the first time have 2 teams participating in the Botball tournament. We held a Workshop for them using the telepresence robot “VGo” and the internet.


From February 8th to 9th the Austrian Botball workshop took place at the TGM in Vienna. There were 15 teams present with more than 80 students and tutors. (more…)

After the big rush to our summer camps last year we performed robotic courses for the first time during the semester break. We have offered an interesting holiday activity with a lot of fun and and experimentation for young interested people. (more…)

On Thursday, October 08, the 2nd Long Night of Technology took place at the Vienna Institute of Technology (TGM). A lot of it was there to discover and learn for several hundred visitors. Robotics was one of the priorities of the Long Night of Technology. A workshop dealt with the construction of a small robot that responds to light. In other workshops you could, for example, program a robot vacuum cleaner. Those who wanted to immerse themselves in the industrial world, also had the ability to control the arm of an industrial robot. (more…)

The European Conference on Educational Robotics powered by Sparx Systems was a great success for the fourth time in a row. This year the HTL Hollabrunn hosted the international scientific conference for students in Lower Austria. Researchers gave over 120 participants insight into their current research. One of the presenters was Dr. David Miller, a former NASA employee who is currently a professor at the University of Oklahoma. (more…)

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