Progress Requires Research

Robotics. Automation. Control and visualization of industrial processes.


Just as “Mass Production” was the paradigm of the industry of the 20th Century, “Mass Customization” is that of the 21 Century and a major goal of the industry 4.0. Individual customer requirements coupled with ever shorter product life cycles require production systems that are able to produce a large variety of products with little effort. We conduct research on innovative control architectures for robotics and automation and the use of mobile devices for the control and visualization of industrial processes. We work with knowledge-based systems based on artificial intelligence and agent technology, as these are seen as a suitable approach to increase the flexibility of production systems and to make the necessary reconfiguration processes manageable. To display the running processes for the operating personnel of course we will investigate further in the field of Augmented Reality, an emerging approach as a human-machine interface for the industry.

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