After the big rush to our summer camps last year we performed robotic courses for the first time during the semester break. We have offered an interesting holiday activity with a lot of fun and and experimentation for young interested people.

Those who want to try out something new, is in the right place with our winter and summer camps. In the past week we have given young people of different ages the opportunity to reduce possible fears of contact and to make cool experiences.

In Mindstorms Course (from 8 years) Lego robots were build and programmed graphically. For adolescents (from 12 years) the Botball course: where there is next to Lego also metal parts and a variety of sensors, motors and servos. The bots are programmed in C – a still widespread and important programming language. In the <START-Workshop students with immigrant backgrounds had the opportunity to prepare for an upcoming technical study: in addition to programming in C a “BYObot” was built: a completely electronic robot which follows a light source without programming.

One thing all these courses had together, regardless of the age: happened here “learning by doing.” Because do it yourself makes more fun than listening, and what you yourself tried to realize is also much easier to learn – even if it only works the second time.

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