11. – 12. April 2019

At the Aula of Sciences

Digitization has moved into almost all areas of our lives and is changing all aspects of education: from school management to the further education of educators to the actual teaching and the methods and means used there . In the school of the future, isolated learning is a thing of the past: students network to learn together or to work on projects. The school of the future has learning environments with different goals and needs different technologies that can be shared by teachers and learners.

The fair will be framed by two more of our interesting events:

  • The European Conference on Educational Robotics (ECER – Our annual robotics conference for students with typically 250 participants.
  • The International Conference on Robotics in Education, hosted in Vienna in 2019 (RiE – A scientific conference on robotics for education and training, which is now taking place for the 10th time and for the fourth time in succession is organized. Usually, 50-70 international people from science, research and teaching participate in the RiE.

Become part of Technologies in Education and find out more at: We look forward to you! – The TiE is free for all visitors.

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