Conditions of Participation

Where to participate? The official Botball Competition is limited to students between 10 and 18 years of age, although an extension is granted in the Austria region because of the higher education system. Requirements for participation is financing the Botball set, and enjoying technology. No previous knowledge is necessary – the workshops are structured in such a way that all students and teachers get the required information and basic skills within two days. As materials are only available in English at this time, and the conference is held in English as well, Englisch skills are very favorable. The PRIA Open is a separate competition for those who can’t or don’t want to participate in Botball. This competition showcases latest technologies, currently our AndriX-System. For preparation, a one-day workshop is held during the pre-conference. Then, teams have two days to develop a robot for the competition. The PRIA Open’s main audience are former Botball students, but all robotics enthusiasts who can spare one week of time are invited to participate. The only requirements are enjoyment in programming and tinkering!


Registration for Botball 2019 and ECER 2019 is not available yet!

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