Why Robots?

Informatics. Elektronics. Mechanics. Teamwork.

Robots are sophisticated, intelligent systems used in factories and everyday lives. They allow students to connect theory with practice and exercise team work, project management, problem solving, and communication skills in a stimulating setting. Robotics integrates all the skills needed for designing and constructing machines, computers, software, communications systems, and networks. It conveys to students the flexibility needed for developing interdisciplinary projects and discover exciting topics such as movement, navigation, coordination, grasping, audio and video processing, cognition and recognition, and many others. It also helps them in developing their abstract thinking and to acquire teamwork skills, independence, imagination and creativity. Robot experiments include many hands-on experiments that make classes more dynamic and fun.

Robotics for Schools

Ignite passion in technology!

We are currently operating the EU-funded ER4STEM project. In this project, we are able to offer workshops for elementary and middle schools free of charge. Within these workshops, we want to enable children and adolescents to explore technical concepts through practical exercises in the field of Robotics, and to get an easy and age-adequate start into programming.

The scope of these workshops can range from one to four sessions of three school periods each. A workshop can consist of 12 to 24 students, accompanied by at least one teacher. Robotics kits and trainers are provided by PRIA for the duration of the workshop. The workshops can be held at your school (computer room required), or at PRIA (Wexstraße 19-23, 1020 Vienna). The workshop’s finale is a competition in which students can demonstrate their newly acquired skills.

Possible workshop periods

February, March, April 2016
Final competition at the European Conference on Educational Robotics (ECER) in April
May, June 2016
Without a final competition
September onwards 2016
Final competition during a Long Night of Technology possible

Concrete workshop dates within these time periods are arranged individually between schools and PRIA. The number of participating schools is limited in each time period, we therefore kindly ask schools to get in touch with us as early as possible.

Contact persons for our workshops:

Lisa Vittori / Erhard List, workshop@pria.at

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